Does quitting smoking by smoking sound strange to you?

Do you desire to quit smoking or at least control the amount of cigarettes you smoke?

Herbal cigarettes made from high-quality herbal blends are the answer.

To explain why herbal cigarettes are such a good solution to quit smoking, we first need to explain what our cigarette addiction is made up of.

The addiction consists of two main components: the first is physiological addiction to nicotine, and the second is psychological addiction to the act of smoking. 

Stop smoking with Breather

Distinguishing between these two addictions and correct treatment of each one is very important.

It cans significantly increase your chances of successfully cleansing nicotine from your system while reducing the difficulties of such a process.

From the moment you make the decision to rid yourself of nicotine cigarettes, just do it!

Upgrade yourself to nicotine-free cigarettes, you will embark upon a detoxification process.

Within weeks, you will experience your ability to live in a smoke-less world, without spending large sums on workshops, pills, or hypnosis.



The easiest, cheapest and available solution for kicking the habit.


The 14-Day program for regaining control of your smoking habit

Nicotine has a major weakness – it exits the bloodstream after 72 hours. After only 3 days, it loses most of its influence over you.

Then, you just need to deal with the smoking habit, something you can do with herbal cigarettes.

That is the reason we built a gradual smoking program after which you will no longer rely on nicotine.

In the table you can see the amounts of tobacco cigarettes and herbal cigarettes we suggest to smoke every day .  

Stop smoking 14 day plan by Breather

All that is left for you to do is:

• Decide you want to change your smoking habits (and if you've gotten this far, that's obvious)

• Choose the most appropriate kit for you according to your daily cigarette consumption

• Select a specific day to start the process, and hold on tight because you are on track to making the biggest change of your life.

Good Luck!