Herbs are an integral part of nature 

Humans are intrinsically connected with plants.

Ever since the beginning of time, we’ve shared experiences with them.

Our ancestors harnessed the power of plants through agriculture to nourish their bodies. 

Smoking  herbs has an important place in the history of humans, whether for recreation, medicine, or spiritual ceremonies.

There’s a wide variety of smokable medicinal herbs that can possess beneficial effects when smoked - we just need to know where to look.

Through plants — we intake water, air, and soil.

Herbal blends Breather

In our blends you will find herbs you can smoke, all blends made of medicinal herbs that have been smoked for hundreds of years.

Each herb has its own particular benefits, and combining them can produce beneficial effects.

Our mission is to reveal the benefits of herbs in order to give you the ability to free yourself from physical dependence of nicotine addiction.

It's better not to smoke at all, but if you choose to smoke - do it without nicotine while enjoying the benefits of medicinal herbs.


Herbal cigarettes by breather

BREATHER herbal smoking blends 100% nicotine-free



Herbal blends for different people

There are benefits you can find in smoking medicinal herbs

The influence of the substances that become active in herbs while smoking them is highly efficient.

The large surface area of the lungs enable the various beneficial properties to penetrate the bloodstream immediately after smoking.

Here are some of the herbs you will find in our leading blends:


Chamomile is a natural herb that’s empowered with relaxing properties. Unwind the day with chamomile.


Lavender is an herb that’s been used for centuries due to its sleep-inducing properties. When you need to sleep well - reach for lavender.


Damiana is an effective herb to stimulate libido. When you wish to arouse your passion, try damiana and its potent effects.


Mint is an herb that’s used for its uplifting, refreshing, and energetic effects.