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Herbal smoking blends are made from a wide variety of medicinal smokable plants. 

If you have thought to this day that tobacco is the ultimate smoking herb, we invite you to a journey where the love of smoking and common sense meet.

herbal tobacco

Avoid smoking nicotine and instead enjoy the wide variety of medicinal herbs you can smoke 


Whether you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes or you’re ready for a new natural smoking experience, then herbal smoking blends are a perfect choice.

Read along to understand if herbal smoking blends are safe, what the benefits of herbal smoking blends are, and how herbal remedies help you to stop smoking for good.


What Are Herbal Smoking Blends?

As you might guess, herbal smoking blends are made from a mixed medicinal herbs.

And if you're wondering why should you smoke herbs, and what's new about it, then here's the answer.

Herbal smoking blends are nicotine-free!

Yes, the answer is so simple, herbal tobacco are free of nicotine and other toxins that are in our cigarettes, and that’s the reason why you should smoke it.

Herbal smoking blends are crafted by using a variety of natural herbs, such as damiana, mint, mugwort, chamomile, and lavender.

Every medicinal herb plays a specific role in a smoking blend, by that I mean to say that each herb provides you with its unique health benefits.

For instance, tea is used to provide a relaxing effect and a soft flavor.


Herbal Smoke


Next, lavender provides a blissful sensation and a robust flavor, and mugwort provides a light smoke and generates a mellow euphoria.

In other words, herbal smoking blends are made to create a sense of well-being without the addictive effects of nicotine.


Are Herbal Smoking Blends Safe?

I will answer as follows:

If this question is asked by a non smoker person then my answer would be- smoking isnt good so don’t even start .

But, if the question is asked by a person who currently owns a pack of nicotine cigarettes my answer would be yes.

Herbal smoking blends offer users a way to quit smoking cigarettes, which is incredibly beneficial for overall health.

Quitting smoking is never easy and many experience withdrawal symptoms, herbal tobacco provide "hand-mouth" effect which alleviates the psychological symptoms.

As well, a wide variety of smokable herbs can provide a relief, from the physiological symptoms, thanks to their active substances.

herbal smoking blends

Herbs contain thousands of benefits and although smoking itself is unhealthy, smoking medicinal herbs provide relief and treatment 


Therefore, herbal smoking blends are safe to use when trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Furthermore, herbal smoking blends are ideal for replacing tobacco when rolling cannabis spliffs.

Again, even in this case smoking nicotine is addictive, so it is not advisable to combine it with your cannabis.

Instead, you can use the tobacco that nature has given you.

In this way, you will stay away from addictive substances and in addition you will also be able to enjoy the natural terpenes found in smokable herbs ( as well as in cannabis).

Therefore, if you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes or at list to reduce nicotine amounts, then herbal smoking blends are highly recommended.

In general, if you can make tea with herbs, be sure to try to smoke it.

Dependent on the types of phytochemicals it contains, it may or may not give you the effect you expect for.

You will need to experiment with herbs, that are usually safe, to find out what you prefer more.


Choose Nicotine Free


*****Herbal tobacco is versatile, nicotine-free, and helpful.


What Are The Benefits of Herbal Tobacco

If you’re wondering what the benefits of herbal smoking blends are, then you’ve come to the right place.

The primary benefit of herbal smoking blends is that made out of natural nicotine free substance - herbs!

After all, we can all agree that smoking is unhealthy, however at the same time it has one advantage.

The main benefit of smoking / combustion is this:

This method breaks the blood-brain barrier in just 6-8 seconds.

Because of this, herbal smoking blends are especially useful for temporary relief in acute situations.

While smoking is generally not good for your health, the occasional use of these herbs:

  • White sage
  • hummingbird sage
  • Osha root or leaf
  • valerian
  • blue lotus
  • linden and space flowers
  • rose petals
  • eucalyptus
  • hyssop
  • lavender

Can relieve acute symptoms and help a person cope more easily for now.

Uses may include headaches, stress, cramps or pain, sedation in addiction, allergies, asthma attacks, anxiety attacks and more.

Additionally, herbal smoking blends contain medicinal herbs that provide therapeutic effects during the crucial nicotine withdrawal stage.

herbal cigarettes

After the last cigarette the nicotine starts to come out of your body, at first it will not be pleasant, and you will even feel sick but it is all worth it in the long run


When you quit smoking cigarettes, the clock begins, and your body will undergo 72-hours of nicotine withdrawal.

It’s during this point that herbal smoking blends play a crucial role in relieving nicotine cravings, headaches, chills, and mood swings.

In this case, recommended herbs to smoke would be:

Pedicularis groenlandica, Pedicularis racemosa, Pedicularis densiflora etc. Lobelia infata, Passionflower incarnation.

Another major benefit of herbal smoking blends is that you can readily find them available online.

By choosing a high reputed tobacco-free online store, you can purchase the best herbal smoking blends possible.

Herbal Blends For Cannabis Smokers

For those of you who are smoking medical cannabis for treatment purposes it is important to understand why consuming herbal tobacco is better than just a tobacco.

Many patients choose consuming cannabis through smoking, but anyone who has tried to smoke pure cannabis joint knows that it is not a particularly pleasant experience.


Herbs for Cannabis


However tobacco as not a solution in this case.

Nicotine will inevitably lead to addiction; in addition, the toxins in tobacco are literally toxic;

For those reasons tobacco not recommended, especially for those who already suffer from health problems.

Instead, use of herbal smoking blends will assure you a nicotine free smoking experience.

As well, you can easily find an herbal tobacco enriched with terpenes that will provide you enhance cannabis effect.


The Herbal Smoking Blend Revival

Interestingly enough, smoking herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, and mugwort, isn’t new.

Many ancient and modern civilizations have utilized natural herbs for their therapeutic properties.

However, herbal smoking blends are witnessing a new revival and resurgence to help fight nicotine addiction.

If you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes, then herbal smoking blends are the perfect choice for your new journey in life.