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Smoking Mint- Menthol Cigarettes Bringing You Closer To Nature

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Smoking Mint in herbal menthol cigarettes that’s well-known across the globe for its therapeutic properties.

From pain management to respiratory health, mint can do it all. However, smoking mint is a new way to enjoy the beneficial effects that mint has to offer.

Smoking mint provides refreshing effect

Mint are used primarily to impart flavor to smoking blends and refresh your smoke

Let's jump into the plant world to discover the natural ways of smoking, without getting any addictions, however with terpenes benefits, and medicinal smokable herbs.


What is Mint?

Mint, also known as Mentha, is a genus of plants that include spearmint, chocolate mint, and Moroccan mint.

Each mint variety contains unique flavors, while still retaining an abundance of its most important compound - menthol.

Menthol is an aromatic decongestant that might help to break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel.

Herbal Menthol cigarettes will usually contain a variety of medicinal herbs when the base herb is mint. 

Smoking herbal methol cigarettes

Inhale the nature instead of thousands of chemicals and harmful nicotine 

Smoking Mint provides a calming and refreshing effect that's the reason why people used to smoke mint, or to make herbal methol cigarettes (not as we know them today) for thousands of years.

Can You Smoke Mint?

If you’re still wondering if you can smoke mint, the answer is yes.

If you have never smoked mint, you will probably be surprised by the taste, and it will not resemble any cigarette you have smoked in the past.

Smoking mint from the garden can be your first step to nicotine-free smoking, and if you (really) have some herbs garden, then you can create  herbal menthol cigarettes or herbal smoking blends on your own.

However, if you live in a building and like many of us who have very little time left that does not enough for growing gardens, I more then invite you to our online shop where it's easy to order herbal menthol cigarettes.

Herbal menthol cigarettes may be easier to smoke cause they contain other smokable herbs that soften the taste of mint.

dry mint and lavender are amazing base herbs for smoking blends

Everyone who is looking for the perfect way to quit smoking, the answer already here

The main reason for smoking mint and herbal menthol cigarettes is the fact that this kind of smoke won't make you addicted.

If you already struggling with nicotine addiction help yourself out with herbal menthol cigarettes.

Although smoking mint won’t make you feel high, it will give a strong sense of relaxation and a cooling effect on the lungs.

By choosing an herbal smoking blends or herbal cigarettes that contains mint, you’ll enjoy a well-rounded flavor with a multitude of beneficial effects.

Effects such as:

  • de-congested lungs
  • relaxing sensations
  • creative euphoria

How to Smoke Mint- menthol cigarettes or herbal smoking blends

If you’re ready to release yourself from the harmful nicotine, then there are many different ways i can offer you to smoke mint.

The first option is herbal smoking blends that based on mint, the advantage of smoking blends is that they allow you to roll your own herbal menthol cigarettes.

You can find a vied variety of herbal smoking blends that contain different smokable herbs, when every herb with its own health benefits and special aromas.

If you prefer the feeling of a cigarette, then it’s best that you smoke mint through the use of herbal menthol cigarettes.

Herbal menthol cigarettes are formulated with a variety of beneficial herbs, including mint, and allows you to smoke without the risk of nicotine addiction.

Cannabis Terpenes with Menthol Cigarettes

Cannabis smokers, should be happy to know that menthol cigarettes replace tobacco in spliffs and allows you to smoke mint terpenes with your favorite cannabis strains.

Smoking Mint Terpenes through herbal smoking blends or menthol cigarettes allows to cannabis smokers to enhance the effect of cannabis. The common terpene of cannabis and mint is Limonene.

If Smoking mint smoking cannabis terpenes

Limonene is a prominent terpene in many cannabis strains, and yes as you can guess he exist in mint herb also

Terpenes are fragrant oils as THC and CBD, found in herbs. Limonene Terpene is known in his beneficial properties in the following applications:

  • Elevated mood
  • Stress relief
  • Antifungal properties

Menthol cigarettes best to be smoked with cannabis strains that contain the same terpene. 

Cannabis strains that do contain Limonene terpenes and recommended to smoke with mint:

Smoking mint in in menthol cigarettes with cannabis is new and the best way to smoke natural without any addictions.

Not only will the mint cool down the smoke, but it will also add a menthol flavor that enhances the taste and effects of the marijuana.

The Benefits of Smoking Mint

There are many benefits to smoking mint. The primary benefit of smoking mint in methol cigarettes is to help individuals quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Mint, along with other herbs, such as damiana, lavender, and chamomile, are all incredibly helpful in assisting you during nicotine withdrawals after your last cigarette.

The harshest effects of nicotine withdrawals occur within a 72-hour window, and without a proper tobacco substitute, as herbal menthol cigarettes to help you deal with psyological side-effects as:

  • headaches
  • mood swings
  • profound craving for nicotine

Smoking mint in menthol cigarettes is known to increase blood flow, relax the nerves, and even help your lungs breathe easier.

Thanks to the menthol found within the mint, your lungs will begin to feel clear.

menthol cigarettes will refresh you from nicotine

By smoking mint you refresh yourself from nicotine, and allow yourself to controle your smoking habbits

All the smokable herbs found in herbal smoking blends and menthol cigarettes, including mint, are nicotine-free.

None of these herbs feed your nicotine addiction, but instead, help calm the body and mind to decrease withdrawal symptoms.

By reducing withdrawal symptoms with the help of herbal smoking blends or menthol cigarettes, you can quit smoking much easier.

If you’re ready to try a versatile natural smokable herbs that can help you quit smoking cigarettes or mix with your weed, then herbal smoking blends based on mint or menthol cigarettes is the perfect option.

Why You should give it a try?

Herbal Menthol Cigarettes offers an elevated smoking experience and a natural substitute for your nicotine cigarettes.

There are countless benefits you can find in smoking medicinal herbs instead of addictive tobacco.

One of our main goals is to assist each user with quitting smoking nicotine products and switch to more healthy habits!

Smoking Mint may help you quit nicotine faster and without a struggle.

Investigating more about the power of herbs and following smokable herbs you will be able to improve the quality of your everyday life!