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Nicotine Free Tobacco: Taking the nicotine out of the cigarette

Try Herbal Tobacco Based On Smokable Herbs

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What would you do if you could stop smoking nicotine-based cigarettes and switch to nicotine-free tobacco?

Although this is a personal choice, thousands of people are switching to non-nicotine tobacco for a number of reasons.


herbal tobacco to stop smoking

Herbal Tobacco for natural smoke, made from the best medicinal herbs that will provide you relaxation and release withdrawal symptoms

Read along to understand the benefits of non-nicotine tobacco, how nicotine-free herbal tobacco is made, and why nicotine-free tobacco beneficial to smoke with cannabis.

What is Nicotine-Free Tobacco?

Nicotine-free tobacco is a mixture of medicinal  smokable herbs that do not contain nicotine.

Unlike regular tobacco that made from the tobacco plant, herbal tobbaco can be made out of wide  variety of smokable herbs. 

The plants, which you find in these herbal tobacco substitutes, do not contain nicotine.

Therefore, herbal-smoking blends allow you to smoke without the fear of becoming physically addicted.

Beyond the fact that smokable herbs do not make you addicted, non nicotine herbal tobacco has a variety of health benefits derived from medicinal herbs.

Instead of tobacco herb, herbal smoking blends made of a mixture of herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, mint, and damiana.

Each of these natural herbs provides therapeutic effects, robust flavor, and relaxing aromas.

Non-nicotine herbal tobacco is versatile and can be used to quit smoking cigarettes or used as an additive to cannabis products.

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Tobacco-Free Cigarettes RYO

Many smokers believe that rolling your own cigarettes is a way to cut back on smoking and avoid the harmful chemicals that are in commercially-produced regular filtered cigarettes.

The truth is that, (RYO ) rolling your own cigarette doesn't necessarily reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke.

Moreover , it is important that we understand that as long as we use nicotine-containing tobacco we continue to maintain the cycle of addiction.

If so what is the solution?

Non-nicotine herbal tobacco allows you to roll your own cigarette (RYO) without fear of chemicals and Addictive substances.

The Benefits of Non-Nicotine Herbal Tobacco

When it comes to non-nicotine tobacco, the benefits are nearly endless.

There are numerous benefits of nicotine-free tobacco that range from soothing effects to help you quit smoking cigarettes , let’s take a look at each.

Nicotine-Free Tobacco is Relaxing

One of the primary benefits of smoking nicotine-free herbal tobacco, such as herbal cigarettes, is that it’s incredibly relaxing.

Nicotine-free tobacco blends incorporate soothing herbs, such as chamomile and lavender, which are known to promote relaxation.

 smokable herbs

Smoking Terpenes of a various medicinal herbs allow you to enjoy of a wide variety of therapeutic properties

As you smoke herbal cigarettes or herbal smoking blends, the properties found within these natural smokable herbs decrease your overall stress.

Camomile contains natural compounds, such as apigenin and (terpenes) bisabolol, which are effective at easing tension within the body.

Lavender contains an abundance of (terpenes) linalool, which is a natural terpene that’s well-known to decrease anxiety, depression, and assist with insomnia.

For cannabis smokers

As a Cannabis Smoker, You have probably found yourself not once mixing tobacco with cannabis.

Many non-tobacco cannabis consumers tend to think that if they use a little tobacco here and there for their cigarette, it won't make them addicted.

And here's the mistake.

Some people will become addicted to nicotine even after one-time use.

Nicotine-free tobacco allows cannabis consumers to smoke a spliff and not only does not become addicted but also reinforces the effects of cannabis.

Smokable herbs found in nicotine free herbal tobacco like those mentioned above Contain the terpenes that are also found in a wide variety of cannabis strains.

A proper combination of terpenes and cannabinoids together, can create unique effects and benefits that have been coined “the entourage effect.”

CBD and the citrus-scented terpene limonene might work together to alleviate anxiety.

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Combination of the myrcene terpenes together with cannabis strains containing the cannabinoid THC, recommend to those who looking to achieve sleep (thanks, myrcene), while simultaneously addressing pain and inflammation (thanks, THC and caryophyllene).     

Nicotine-Free Tobacco is Naturally Nicotine-Free

Possibly the best part about nicotine-free tobacco is that it’s naturally nicotine-free.

This is possible because natural smokable herbs, such as mint, lavender, and chamomile, do not produce any form of nicotine.

Although smoking is never considered healthy for your body, it’s proven that nicotine-addiction is dangerous.

By removing nicotine from your daily routine, you’ll clear your body, and you’ll regain the power to decide when you smoke.

Nicotine-Free Tobacco Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Nicotine-free tobacco, such as herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes, can help you quit smoking nicotine cigarettes without withdrawal symptoms.

As many of you know, smoking is a challenging habit to quit.

Whether you’ve tried to quit “cold turkey” or you’ve tried nicotine-alternatives -- it’s apparent that many people fail and go back to the nicotine addiction cycle.

However, non-nicotine herbal tobacco excels in its ability to assist smokers in quitting the nicotine habit by decreasing the severity of the initial withdrawal symptoms.

non nicotine herbal tobacco for cannabis smokers

Cannabis smokers can enjoy from a wide variety of smokable herbs that perfectly match to different cannabis strains

Each medicinal herb found in non-nicotine tobacco offers therapeutic effects to dull the blade of nicotine withdrawals.

By doing so, you’ll have a much easier time leaving the nicotine habit behind - for good.

Anxiety One of the side effects of smoking cessation.

This phenomenon, like many others, is caused because we stop to supply nicotine into the bloodstream.

To alleviate side effects like these, it is advisable to consume terpenes such as limonene and linalool.

If you Smoking Lavender, or smoking mint, mixed or separated, it will give you a sense of calm and allow you to get rid of the hassle Caused by the fact that it is Forbidden to smoke.  

Is Nicotine-Free Tobacco For You?

It's almost impossible that you won't like non nicotine herbal  tobacco.

The main reason for this is the wide variety of smokable herbs that nicotine free tobacco may contain.

If you remember your first cigarette, you probably realize that it wasn't really tasty.

Smoke Herbs

Now you have the opportunity to choose the smokable herb that pleases you but also is non-addictive and even helps in different medicinal needs.   

Whether you want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes or not, the time is now to move over to non- nicotine herbal tobacco products, such as herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes.

Not only can you smoke herbal cigarettes as a cigarette replacement, but you can even mix herbal smoking blends with other herbs, such as cannabis.


Whatever your reasoning, nicotine-free tobacco is right for you.