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Organic Cigarettes- Is organic tobacco means no addiction?

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Although the organic label may seem safer - are organic cigarettes any safer than conventional cigarettes?


organic tobacco is not safe as sounds

Organic tobacco grown in better conditions, however contain the same amounts of nicotine

The answer may surprise you if you’ve switched over to organic cigarettes.

Read along to understand what it means to be a certified organic cigarette, if organic cigarettes are addictive, and how organic tobacco-free cigarettes are a better alternative to organic cigarettes.

What is an Organic Cigarette?

An organic cigarette is organically-produced tobacco. Furthermore, the rolling paper may also be organic, along with the filter tips.

However, you may be wondering if an organic cigarette is better for your body when compared with conventional cigarettes.

The short answer is no.

Organic cigarettes still contain high levels of nicotine, which is the addictive compound found in all tobacco-rich products.


Organic cigarettes can be also cigars or bidis

Organic cigarettes can remind us a high quality cigars, the common thing between them is the addictive nicotine

Nicotine is the leading cause of addiction, which forces you to continue the smoking habit.

However, the primary difference between organic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes is that they are pesticide-free.

Although this is a major benefit, the fact remains that organic cigarettes will still promote nicotine addiction.

A Better Alternative to Organic Cigarettes: Organic Tobacco-Free Cigarettes

If you have decided to switch to organic cigarettes for health reasons, then you’ll be sorely disappointed with the result.

Although all-natural organic cigarettes will expose you to fewer chemicals, you won’t be able to choose when you want to quit smoking.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive compounds, and it’s clear that smoking organic cigarettes is not the answer when seeking a better alternative to conventional cigarettes.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to organic cigarettes without compromising flavor, effects, and aroma;

Then you’ll need to try organic herbal cigarettes or organic herbal smoking blends.

Organic tobacco-free cigarettes are made from natural herbs that are grown in small farms that adhere to sustainable practices.


smokable herbs allows us to smoke without getting addicted

Organic herbal cigarettes made out of dry petal of roses and raspberry allows you to smoke without getting addicted

Each organic herbal cigarette is hand-crafted and rolled using the highest-quality rolling paper imaginable.

However, the best part about organic herbal cigarettes is that they do not contain nicotine.

This means that organic herbal cigarettes will never produce a nicotine addiction.

The Benefits of Organic Herbal Cigarettes

The benefits of organic herbal cigarettes are many. Not only are they created in small batches, but they are produced with high-quality standards.

Organic herbal cigarettes are ideal cigarette replacements because they contain herbs such as Chamomile, Mugwort, Mint, Lavender, and more.

Each of these herbs has a long medicinal history, such as promoting sleep, reducing anxiety, decreasing depression, and elevating the mood.

Ultimately, organic herbal cigarettes are clearly superior to organic cigarettes because of their attention to quality and the lack of nicotine.

If you’re ready to experience a new way to smoke, then organic herbal cigarettes are a clear choice.