Smoking Mugwort for lucid dreams

Smoking Mugwort-Enhance Your Dreams and Win Nicotine

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Smoking Mugwort is the ultimate way to fight off the harsh symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Little do many people know is that this common plant can be used to quit smoking cigarettes safely and easily.


Moreover Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) has helped a substantial number of people with disrupted sleep, specifically those who wake in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep.


smoking mugwort for lucid dreams

"Smoking Mugwort has produced, by far, some of my most fascinating dreaming and lucid dreaming experiences of my entire life"


Mugwort combined with Damiana (Turnera diffusa), passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Lavender, and/or Mint effectively improves the capacity to sleep straight through the night.

So how smoking mugwort will enhance your cannabis effects, and your dreams?

Lets start.

What is Mugwort?

Mugwort, also known as Artemisia vulgaris, is a medicinal plant that’s been cultivated for over 3,000 years for its beneficial properties.

Although many modern-day gardeners think mugwort is a weed - it’s actually a versatile flower that can relieve a host of issues.

The best thing about mugwort is that all parts of the plant contain essential oils with a wide variety of other phenols and terpenes.

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Can You Smoke Mugwort?

If you’re wondering if you can smoke mugwort, the answer is yes.

As long as you are not allergic to mugwort, you can safely smoke mugwort with any adverse reactions.

It’s essential that you understand that smoking anything is not healthy.

However if you trying :

then you should try to smoke mugwort.

Enhance Cannabis Effect With Mugwort

Mugwort’s widespread use as a psychoactive substance that helps to enhance the dreams, due to a variety of terpene compounds like:

  • α- and β- thujones (which also stimulate the heart and the central nervous system).

Three additional terpene compounds are also found in mugwort, and work synergistically with α- and β- thujones.


smoking cannabis with mugwort

Smoking cannabis with Mugwort will enhance cannabis effect thanks to terpenes both the herbs containing


By smoking mugwort you consume the Thujone.

Thujone acts on GABA as an antagonist (opposite to the effects of alcohol).

As a competitive antagonist of GABA, thujone alone is considered to be convulsant, though by interfering with the inhibitory transmitter GABA, it may convey stimulating, mood-elevating effects at low doses. 

This is the main reason why smoking mugwort in combination with cannabis with enhance its effects.

The best cannabis strain to smoke with mugwort will be Indica strains.

The main reason for that is the calming and the sedative effect of these two medicinal smokable herbs.

Quit Smoking With Mugwort

Thanks to mugwort soothing properties it can relieve nicotine withdrawals.

The common side effect when quitting smoking is:

  • headaches and nausea 
  • nicotine cravings 
  • frustration and anger
  • difficulty falling asleep

The first week of quitting smoking is the hardest, different people will experience different side effects. 

Smoking mugwort will allow you to smoke (when you still need it) without the fear gets addicted.

So if you planing quit smoking, but experiencing concerns and do not know how to start, the best way is to throw tobacco and to adopt an herbal smoking blends with mugwort.

Smoking mugwort with other smokable herbs will release you from the addictive nicotine.

Enhance Your Dreams With Mugwort

α- pinene acts as a tranquilizer and a sedative (Duke 2000), and works in conjunction with linalool,and a terpene alcohol that acts as a hypnotic, motor depressant and sleep-inducing narcotic (Buchbauer 1993, Willionsome 1989).

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Together these three compounds account for Mugworts association with vivid and often psychedelic dreams, as they simultaneously sedate the user and stimulate hallucinations.

What will happen to your dreams?

  • If you tend not to remember anything about your dreams, mugwort will help you collect bits and pieces of your dreams.
  • If you have a spotty recall, it will help you construct a more complete narrative thread.
  • If you have solely visual dreams, mugwort-enhanced dreams might have other senses engaged. Sound, touch, smell, and taste tend to emerge in that order.
  • If you already have good dream recall and rich texture to your dreams, you may begin to become aware of your dream state while dreaming with mugwort. Then you are ready to practice lucid dreaming, the active manipulation of the dream state at will.

How Can You Smoke Mugwort?

If you’re ready to start smoking mugwort, then the best way to smoke mugwort is through an herbal smoking blends or herbal cigarettes that contain it.

The reason why you should search for herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes that contain mugwort is that they are harvested, dried, and cured properly.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that they are grown in sustainable ways that don’t rely on conventional pesticides or herbicides.


smoking dry mugwort

In ancient cultures, mugwort was smoked to promote vivid dreams. This is because mugwort is said to produce mild psychotropic effects during wakefulness


Another reason to smoke mugwort with other smokable herbs might be because of the harsh taste of mugwort when smoked.

If you’re wondering what an herbal smoking blend is?

Herbal smoking blends it’s a mixture of natural herbs to create a smoking experience that’s nicotine-free, flavorful, and filled with beneficial effects.

Commonly found herbs in herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes are chamomile, mint, lavender, and damiana.


Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of smoking mugwort when quitting smoking.

What are The Benefits of Smoking Mugwort?

The benefits of mugwort shine when you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes.

It’s the effects that mugwort provides that make it a star-studded herb when mixed with other natural herbs in herbal smoking blends.

Here’s a list of the benefits of smoking mugwort when you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Smoking Mugwort Can Reduce Insomnia

During the first 72-hours of your last cigarette, it’s common to have a difficult time falling asleep.

However, mugwort is known to increase your ability to get a good night’s rest.

By smoking mugwort-infused herbal smoking blends, you can get the rest you need to overcome your nicotine addiction. 

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Smoking Mugwort Can Reduce Headaches

Headaches are a common occurrence once you quit smoking cigarettes.

As your body craves nicotine, your head will begin to pound. However, mugwort is known to reduce the severity of headaches.

Smoking Mugwort Can Reduce Fever and Chills

Another difficult symptom of nicotine withdrawal are sensations of fever and chills.

Fever and chills are common symptoms of nicotine withdrawals and are a sign that your body is detoxing itself of nicotine.

Luckily, smoking mugwort-infused herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes provide relief from fever and chills. 

Quit Smoking Today by Smoking Mugwort

If you’re ready to face nicotine withdrawals head-on, then you’ll need a trustworthy herbal blend or herbal cigarette that contains mugwort.

Not only does mugwort provide a plethora of beneficial effects, but so do all of the other natural herbs found in herbal blends and herbal cigarettes.

Relaxation, stimulation, and a sense of well-being is what you can expect when you smoke mugwort and indulge in herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes.