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Smoking Tea | What Is The Best Tea To Smoke?

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Smoking tea might sound weird to you, although if you think about it you'll probably understand that there is a wide variety of smokable herbs.

When it comes to tea, there’s a unanimous agreement that it’s beneficial for the body in a number of ways.

However, smoking tea is an emerging way to enjoy teas, such as green tea and Darjeeling tea.

smoking tea

Just as tea can be made from many types of plants, so herbal cigarettes can contain a wide variety of herbs


Read along to learn the benefits of smoking tea, the best type of tea to smoke, and the effects of smoking tea that are inside herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes.

What Kind of Tea Best to Smoke?

First of all, it is important to say that there are several types of tea that can be smoked and the differences are mainly in quality.

Take care of your health and do not be tempted to smoke cheap tea.

The second point that is important to note is that different types of tea will affect you differently.

Read carefully to understand the differences in qualities and effects.

Smoking Loose Tea vs. Smoking Teabag

The main difference between a teabag and loose leaf tea comes from the law of physics - the larger the surface area of ​​the tea leaves, the more molecules are transferred from the tea leaves to our smoke.

Small tea leaves do not retain long-term volatile essential oils (as terpenes) that make up the aroma of tea, therefore tea from tea bags is less aromatic than leaf tea.

Another difference that is probably no less important is that tea bags can contain dirt, branches, and more unpleasant surprises.

Herbal Smoke

Smoking Loose Tea:

It is true that such tea is more expensive, but again since you are going to inhale the smoke into your lungs, it is important not to be stingy here.

Smoking Teabag:

The leaf in the tea bag is ground, you cannot recognize it - it can be anything, that is why it is important to choose the best selling companies.

If you still chose this option, what you can do to improve the quality of the tea cigarette, is to add more smokable herbs.

By adding medicinal smokable herbs you will increase the number of terpenes in your cigarette, which will have a positive effect on the aroma and medicinal properties of the tea.

Smoking Green Tea:

One of its notable benefits is that smoking green tea provides you a slight relaxation and thanks to caffeine acts as a mild pain reliever.

For some of you, it may remind the experience of smoking Indica cannabis strains.

Smoking Black Tea:

This option is for lovers of roughness in the throat as smoking black tea is more tobacco-like, as it is a bit harsh.

Smoking Pu erh:

Smoking this type of tea is recommended for people who have had slightly psychedelic experiences.

Pu-erh resin has a very strong energy of Cha Qi tea (tea drunkenness).

After a few puffs, you can feel how the consciousness becomes more sensitive, the colors and sounds around it become brighter and clearer, thoughts carry the mind into the spatial worlds, and the body is filled with pleasant strength with simultaneous relaxation of the muscles.

smoke tea

Allow tea cigarettes to help you break free from nicotine addiction


The Benefits of Smoking Tea

The benefits of drinking tea can’t be disputed, but what about smoking tea?

Smoking anything is not considered healthy for your lungs;

however, smoking tea is known to provide a series of benefits that outweigh smoking cigarettes any day.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Tea is Relaxing

One of the primary benefits of smoking tea is that it’s very relaxing.

Some have noted that smoking tea is reminiscent of the relaxing effects of smoking marijuana; however, there is no THC present in tea.

Smoking tea is likely very relaxing because tea has an abundance of theanine - an amino acid.

Theanine is known in the scientific community to provide a deep sense of relaxation that can diminish stress.

By smoking tea, the beneficial compounds, such as theanine, is transported quickly to the body.

Smoke Chamomile

Smoking Tea is a Nicotine-Free Way to Smoke

Luckily for you, there isn’t any nicotine in tea.

Therefore, if you smoke tea, then you won’t be exposed to harmful nicotine.

By not exposing your body to nicotine, you’ll never have to fight against nicotine addiction.

And if you a nicotine smoker, this is a great time to start cleansing your body, tea cigarettes will be a great tobacco substitute for you.

Tea Cigarettes Can Replace Nicotine Cigarettes

One of the biggest use cases for smoking tea, such as herbal smoking blends and herbal cigarettes, is that you can quickly and easily replace traditional cigarettes.

Not only will this switch decrease your dependence on nicotine, but it will relax you -- naturally.

Since smoking tea releases beneficial amino acids, such as theanine, your body can relax while it’s detoxing from nicotine.

For those of you that don’t know, the detox phase lasts 72-hours after your last cigarette, and it’s at this point that withdrawal symptoms are heavily noticed.

However, smoking tea keeps the body relaxed to fight against the urge to smoke a cigarette.

herbal smoking blends

Any herb in this picture can be used as a tobacco substitute, enjoy the gifts of nature 


What Are the Effects of Smoking Tea?

Of course, besides green and black tea you can also smoke herbal tea, and the effects will be different depending on the terpenes and other components present in each herb.

When you smoke tea, you’ll notice a calming effect that automatically relaxes the nerves.

When smoking herbal smoking blends that contain tea, you may experience relaxation, stimulation, euphoria, and more.

How Can You Find Tea for Smoking?

If you want to smoke tea, then the best option is to use herbal smoking blends or herbal cigarettes that use green tea as an ingredient.

The main reason why you should smoke tea in an herbal blend or herbal cigarette is that in this way you can be sure that you have received a suitable product for smoking.

Of course it is also important to purchase your smoking products from stores that can provide you with information about the product.

Aside from green tea, you’ll find other beneficial and natural herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, and more, in herbal smoking blends.