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smoking hemp cigarettes

CBD-rich hemp flowers closely resemble the appearance and smell of marijuana, but will not bring about any negative psychoactive effects


Wild hemp cigarettes, that called sometimes Hempettes and some people just call these Wild Hemp, based on the hemp herb.

Hamp's CBD  brand cigarettes are filled with hemp flowers as not like herbal cigarettes that are filled with medicinal herbs.

If you’ve been curious about Hempettes, then look no further.

Read along to understand what’s inside wild hemp cigarettes, if smoking Hempettes are bad for you, the pros and cons of wild hemp cigarettes, and how they compare to herbal cigarettes.

What’s Inside Wild Hemp Cigarettes?

Wild hemp cigarettes are 100% pure hemp cigarettes that you can smoke instead of THC joints and nicotine cigarettes.

Hemp cigarettes usually contain high quality hemp blends.

They are made from the Aerial part of the hemp plant. This means the stalk, stem, leaves, and seeds.

Wilde hemp cigarettes are nicotine-free which is of course because they are made from hemp that does not produce nicotine at any point during its lifecycle.


What Is Inside Hemp Plant?

Hemp flowers contain terpenes and cannabinoids, specifically CBD.

CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that’s primarily used to help decrease anxiety, depression, pain, and more.

However, hemp flowers also contain small amounts of THC (0/3%), which is a psychoactive cannabinoid (the cigarettes are not causing a psychoactive effect).

Therefore, you could potentially be exposed to THC while consuming wild hemp cigarettes.

If you can’t afford to be exposed by THC, then you should consider whether you can or cannot smoke such cigarettes.

Wild Hemp lab tests all their products this ensures that the THC level is less than 0.3% , and that each Hempette contains between 10-15mg of CBD.

Having traces amount of THC ensures that the product is legal on a federal level and also non-psychoactive.

Naturally occurring terpenes represent an important part of the cannabis plant.

smoking cannabis terpenes

As it turns out, the molecules (terpenes) responsible for the herb's striking aroma may do a lot more 


So far, over 200 different terpenes have been discovered in hemp, and about 60 of them are being closely examined in scientific circles.

Research into the effect terpenes have on skin conditions and various health problems is opening new possibilities in the field of treatments with terpenes. 

Are Herbal Cigarettes the Same as Hemp Cigarettes?

A lot of people tend to think that hemp cigarettes and herbal cigarettes are basically the same thing.

The thing is, there is a fundamental difference between them.

While a Hempettes contain variety of non-psychoactive strains of Cannabis Sativa, the herbal cigarettes contain a wide variety of medicinal smokable herbs that do not contain cannabinoids.

For this reason the effect of these two cigarettes is different.

Herbal cigarettes have advantages over hemp cigarettesthat are based on the difference in their components.

You can find a wide variety of plants when each plant has its own effect.

This is made possible thanks to terpenes that plants contain.

All plants contain terpenes, and in each smokable herb you will find a different set of terpenes.

I Want


Hemp cigarettes and herbal cigarettes are similar in this feature, in both, you will find a wide variety of terpenes.

In this way, you can use different types of herbs according to your needs.

For example, smoking lavender is helpful in cases of insomnia –difficulties to fall asleep.

Smoking Damiana is recommended in cases when you want to stimulate your system and increase sexual desire as damiana known for her aphrodisiac effects.

And just like the number of herbs in the world, so are the number of examples.

Herbal cigarettes can meet a wide range of needs.

Also, herbal cigarettes are a great substitute for nicotine cigarettes.

As you know, quitting smoking is accompanied by severe symptoms.

Herbal cigarettes can help you relieve these symptoms

You won't have to deal with quitting smoking all at once.

You will be able to quit nicotine while still smoking. 

When nicotine is completely out of your systems, your need for a cigarette will lessen.

At this point, you can completely quit smoking (hide one or two herbal cigarettes for emergency).            

Is Smoking Wild Hemp Bad For You?

Smoking anything is not healthy.

Therefore, you should consider why you’re smoking in the first place.

If you are in the process of quitting smoking and have difficulty passing the withdrawal symptoms, then tobacco substitute as herbal cigarettes or wild Hempettes are a great solution.

smoking herbs without nicotine

Herbal cigarettes compared to Hemp cigarettes contain wide variety of herbs, however both contain terpenes that are beneficial for our health


Wild hemp cigarettes are primarily catered towards users who want a relaxing product that isn’t cannabis or traditional cigarettes.

So if hemp is legal in your country and you feel the need to relax (and you take into account the expected effects) you can try the Hempettes.

If you are looking for a tobacco substitute that meets a wider range of needs, you are definitely need to try herbal cigarettes out of medicinal smokable herbs.  

The Pros and Cons of Wild Hemp Cigarettes

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Hempettes.

Let’s start with the good news:

  • Wild hemp cigarettes are natural and do not contain nicotine
  • Wild hemp cigarettes are legal in many countries throughout the world
  • Wild hemp cigarettes are potentially not addictive


Now for the bad news:


  • Wild hemp cigarettes may contain THC
  • Wild hemp cigarettes may make you very tired
  • Wild hemp cigarettes may smell like cannabis


The Best Alternative to Hempettes

Although wild hemp cigarettes are a unique product to enter the market, they are difficult to find, and you definitely won’t see them at your local gas station.

Furthermore, Hempettes are not legal in every state.

Instead of relying on wild hemp cigarettes to relax or quit smoking traditional cigarettes, herbal cigarettes are a much more efficient alternative.

Best Herbs

Herbal cigarettes are composed of natural and organic herbs.

Each herb, such as damiana, lavender, mint, and chamomile are wild-harvested, which means they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

The effects of herbal cigarettes are incredibly wide (its all depends on the herb you choose), thanks to the natural compounds (terpenes) found in herbal smoking blends.

If you’re ready for a nicotine-free and cannabinoid-free experience while smoking, then look no further than herbal cigarettes.