Herbal Smoking Blend Enriched With Terpene

Herbal Smoking Blend Enriched With Terpene

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Product Description

Breather Supreme is a Herbal smoking blend infused with terpenes, a 100% nicotine-free herbal blend.

They do not have natural or synthetic tobacco or nicotine which makes it ideal for smoking cannabis.

They increase the flavor and aroma of your cigarettes and cannabis. 

One pack of Breather Supreme terpenes infused herbal blend contains 20 grams of medicinal smokable herbs.


What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Do you know what are terpenes? 

Join me for a few moments of knowledge.

Terpenes are Organic compounds produced by plants to defend or attract bees or other organisms, present in the entire plant kingdom are terpenes.

This wide spectrum of terpenes in plants creates a web of aromas.

Cannabis smokers have now begun to take a keen interest in their aromatic and medicinal properties.

The cannabis industry has rediscovered terpenes recently.

Today, we know about A wide variety of terpenes that are present in the Cannabis plants, providing it special aromas, flavors, and effects. 

herbal cigarettes

Lately, researchers have proven that terpenes are the primary benefactor of the effects you feel while smoking cannabis (terpenes enhance THC and CBD effects).

Although, you must understand that they are not psychoactive and not responsible for the “high” you feel when you consume cannabis.

In the last few years, smoking herbal tobacco with enriched terpenes has become immensely popular for its unique effects.

When you roll a joint, it is advised to skip tobacco as it has been proven harmful and addictive.

The best choice will be to swap with herbal smoking blends.

These smoking blends contain natural herbs along with natural terpenes. 

By adding herbal tobacco infused with terpenes to the cannabis/spliffs you smoke, you will be increasing the overall cannabis effect and get a blissful experience (and what is no less important than it will be nicotine-free ). 

In case, you do not smoke cannabis, herbal cigarettes, enriched with terpenes will be the right choice for you.

Herbal cigarettes based on medicinal herbs will provide you with bewildering flavors and effects.


Mango Kush Terpenes

Mango Kush Cannabis has a distinct taste which is similar to mango.

With a specific kush flavor and terpenoids, smoking mango kush leaves you relaxed and euphoric.

Myrcene is a foundation of Mango Kush.

Mango Kush strain contains up to 50% of Myrcene.  

Beta-Caryophyllene or Caryophyllene is the major component of Mango Kush strain.

It gives us a  peppery/cloves smell, with hints of a spicy/wood scent.

It is the most common and abundant cannabis terpenes.

Limonene present in Mango Kush is widely common terpenes in nature 9.4% of the strain is Limonene


mango kush


Why Should You Choose Herbal Tobacco With Terpenes?

With the side effects and addictive nature of nicotine, it is advised to switch to herbal tobacco enriched with terpenes.

As already mentioned,  the main benefit of herbal smoking blends is that they are not addictive and do not cause any adverse effect on your body.

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